Monday, 31 December 2012

Q mobiles of 2012

How many of you do not like and accept the tag “Made in Pakistan”, unfortunately almost all of us. Well, here is a brand that did not just came with the same tag of “Made in Pakistan”, but also got so much appreciation, which took it to the second largest position of the mobile phone industry.

Most surprisingly, Q mobile came into being few years back and gathered so much popularity that directly or indirectly affected other brands of mobiles in Pakistan. Initially, Q mobile came with the aim to provide the Pakistani population with durable, smart and innovative handsets.

Undoubtedly, Q mobile enjoyed success within no time, therefore expected to have a brighter future ahead. Moreover, Q mobile prices in Pakistan also contributed to its success in Pakistan, as they did not only provide durable and innovative products but also within affordable price range.

Unlike other brands of mobiles in Pakistan, which mostly offer premium products are mostly unaffordable by majority of the segments, Q mobile does not even compromise with the quality and gives reasonable rates. These rates, therefore, are reasonable enough to be afforded by a standard Pakistani user.

Many of you may analyze that there is not something special as Nokia also provides more or less the same prices for their mobile phones, but just have a look at the features. Q Mobile E786 is a handset with inexpensive Q mobile prices in Pakistan, loaded with camera, torch, media-player, games, FM radio, and a lot more within the price in which you get a simple black and white mobile phone by Nokia.

Last, but not the least, the smartphone series “Noir” by Q mobile is indisputably remarkable. Moreover, Fawad Khan is surely not an idiot to endorse Noir A10. It definitely has some spark!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Q mobile phones in Pakistani industry

Whenever one thinks of coming up with a new business idea, one needs to consider and think upon countless number of factors. Some of these factors are finances, economic and political condition of the country, existing competition, market research, developing marketing strategies, timing and many more.

Another important factor that largely affects the results is luck or fate. The company that availed all of these factors and became famous within a short period is none other than Q mobile.

Even with the pitiable economic conditions of the country, Q mobile came with the most amazing mobile prices in Pakistan. Well, this was not the only aspect that contributed to their success. In this situation, along with other factors, luck played a significant role.

However, there was certainly a spark other than fate and Q mobile prices in Pakistan that they did not just experience success but also came to position where Q mobile has the second highest market share of the Pakistani mobile phone industry.

Q mobile does not only provide the Pakistani mobile phone industry with reasonable mobile prices in Pakistan, but also gives high-quality mobile phones. Moreover, Q mobile offers such a wide range in terms of features and Q mobile prices in Pakistan, which target and covers most of the segments of Pakistani population.

The Q mobile prices in Pakistan are distributed in such a way that they start from the lowest of Rs. 1, 600 and go no more than Rs. 18, 400. Isn’t it amazing, as Q mobile also offers the latest Android version in one of them.

Friday, 28 December 2012

New Q mobiles in market

Q mobile did not even start its launch with smartphones, but the strategies and steps taken to introduce and further grow the brand were smart enough to fright the existing brands of the market.

Q mobile has done what one could never think or expect to occur in a country like Pakistan. It did not just launch the brand with some mobiles in Pakistan but moved further with consecutive number of successes.

Moreover, the poor political and economic conditions did not even affect the progress
and the brand attained the second largest market share of the mobile phone industry of
Pakistan. Like Nokia, Q mobile prices in Pakistan are a major factor contributing to it.

In a country where the inflation rate is so high that the prices of the commodities double
every day, people always look for the products that provide the opportunity to save. Q
mobile makes the savings possible by giving a wide range of mobiles in Pakistan.

Moreover, the brand does not only provides you with inexpensive Q mobile prices in
Pakistan but also gives you such a variety that allows you to enjoy various versions of
Android operating systems.

The standard Q mobiles in Pakistan have a price range of about Rs. 1, 600 to Rs. 8, 000.
On the other hand, the android phone series is known as “Noir”, with Q mobile prices in
Pakistan starting from a minimum of Rs. 7, 000 for Q Mobile A100 and go no more than
a maximum of Rs. 18, 400 for Q Mobile Noir A10 (the latest phone by Q mobile).

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Q mobile phones in market

When it comes to Chinese mobiles in Pakistan, Q mobile is their king. Q mobile is one of the service providers in the rising digital media industry. Q mobile is the first local company to enter the mobile market. Q mobile offers amazing mobile phones with even more features that are amazing and it is true that Q mobile prices in Pakistan are very low and extremely affordable.

Q mobile introduced its new candy bar cell phone, Q mobile X5. The Q mobile X5 has a 5mega pixel camera from which you can capture happiest moments of your life and it is not just the camera but it has a very stylish body, which really attracts the attention of consumers.

Q mobile Q60 is an amazing mobile phone with a beautiful design/body, the features are just extraordinary, and it comes with the QWERTY keyboard. It does not just have the looks but it also has a 3.5 mega pixel camera, its high quality music from which you can enjoy your favorite songs and the Wi-Fi capacity with fast internet browsing is the best part. Q mobile prices in Pakistan for the model Q60 is only Rs.6200.

The most famous Q mobile yet is the new Q mobile Noir A10. It is a full touch screen smart phone with Android OS and has an 8 mega pixel camera with a stunning x4 zoom ability. It also has 1 GHZ core processor and 512MB ram. The design of this smart phone looks extremely stylish. It is only 9.7mm thick and has a 5 inches screen on which you can enjoy games.

The best part about it is that it is available in Pakistan only for 18,500 that is extremely finexpensive if you compare it to other mobiles in Pakistan.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

New Q mobiles in Pakistan

Since the start of the technology, Pakistani mobile phone industry has always been dominated by the international brands, providing no space for a local brand to enter into the market.

For a local company, entering into the mobile phone market of Pakistan, certainly needed tons of guts. However, Q mobile having more than the required courage, did not just come into the market but also came with unexpectedly successful mobiles in Pakistan.

Moreover, Q mobile did just not stop over here; they kept on launching new and new models offering a wide range of Q mobile prices in Pakistan. Another tactic initially used by Q mobile was that they offered separately targeted mobiles in Pakistan.

Although, you can get the targeted mobile phones of the color, type, size and specs according to your need or taste, but then you need to pay extra. Whereas Q mobile does not only provide you with your desired mobile phone but the Q mobile prices in Pakistan for your choice can also be easily justified

Q mobile does not break the chain of surprises over here; it came up with a series no one ever expected from a local newborn firm. This series is known as “Noir” and gives a variety of smartphones with android softwares embedded in them.

Coming up with an android within few years of the launch of such brand is truly a wonder. Moreover, the Q mobile prices in Pakistan for the Noir series are so much less as compared to the other androids that it gives a strong competition to the international brands such as Samsung and HTC.

And obviously yes, now the android mobiles in Pakistan are within the reach of an average Pakistani!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

New Q mobiles in market

Q Mobile is known to be the first local brand to have made its place in the market very quickly. The reason is the Android software, very reasonable prices, and attractive screen sizes. Moreover, the commercial ads are specifically made to create a hype in which it has been so far quite successful.

In the mobile market, the world has made progression to such an extent that you can get the type, color and even the screen size mobile phone of your own choice. But of course, one can never get Mobile Prices in Pakistan of their own choice unless it is a Q Mobile.

Like other giant companies, Q Mobile has also launched a wide variety of series which is an identity itself. Each series represent different features, and each series is advertised accordingly which is quite a rare thing to see nowadays. The main focus of the ads has always been the Q Mobile Prices in Pakistan.

The positive thing about Q Mobile is that it is supported by people of all class levels, as seen in the commercials and also it is very famous among the lower middle class who can enjoy the features of Android at the lowest possible range. Q Mobile Prices in Pakistan range from as low as Rs. 4,000 to as high as Rs. 30,000.

With the launch of Q Mobile, many mobile companies faced a loss and Mobile Prices in Pakistan decreased at an immense rate, because Q Mobile phones are offering almost the same features at half the price of other branded phones.